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The turnover threshold which currently exempts most companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) from a statutory audit is £6.5 million. Not all companies with a turnover under £6.5 million come within the audit exemption provisions because there are criteria other than a turnover. In particular, companies not classed as small or whose total assets exceed £3.26 million must have an audit. Public companies and those carrying on particular types of business, such as insurance broking and financial services are also subject to an audit.

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Audits provide reassurance to shareholders, lenders and creditors that the annual accounts are reliable. We can ensure that your business derives the maximum value from the audit and business assurance process in a very practical way. On completion of the audit, we will report to you and, with an objective view, provide recommendations to enable you to grow and develop your business. Prior to completion, the reports will be discussed with you. This allows you to obtain the most accurate summary and feedback, allowing you to take full advantage of any opportunities.

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We will also advise you on appropriate accounting systems and work with you to make certain that all processes run smoothly and cost-effectively. We consistently adhere to the highest standards, demonstrating technical excellence and the highest audit quality. We appreciate it is not always an easy task to keep the banks, creditors, finance providers, and HMRC happy. We will ease your burden, whilst complying with their requirements, and adapt your accounting and audit procedures, tailoring them to suit your individual needs and those of your business. We take time to understand your business. The principle of ‘working in partnership’ underpins our accounting and audit approach.
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